Doors set within differing building such as Hospitals, Mental Health Facilities, Educational Buildings or even Office blocks are required to withstand a certain amount of physical abuse. Yet depending on their  location and application the level of which they withstand will vary greatly. However, those doorsets that achieve the highest standards of tests such as DD171 for example, are those classified as being able to perform under the most severe and repeated levels of abuse as often found in medium and high secure mental health units.

The DD171 test is the most vigorous performance test conducted on doors to ascertain the feasibility and performance of hinges. We are pleased to announce that the Intastop Double Swing hinge and Removable Doorstop were vigorously tested by independent NHS Trust Representatives and their findings surpassed all expectations.

See the test in progress for yourself here…..  DD171 Test on Intatsop’s Removable Doorstop and Double Swing Hinge