Antibacterial wall and door protection is essential in the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s) and has been proven to prevent the growth of up to 99% of harmful microbes and bacteria. Intastop is the UK’s exclusive supplier of Hygienilac antibacterial sheet.

Steve Woodhead Sales Director for Intastop commented: “Doors and Walls are not only costly when it comes to repairs or maintenance but they can harbour a myriad of infectious microbes. That’s why many healthcare and public facilities opt for protection with an anti-bacterial sheet which supports their but to win the war on HAI’s.

“Our established range of antibacterial and antimicrobial  wall and door protection, incorporating the Hygienilac proactive ingredient, is synonymous with quality and has led to other suppliers in the industry sourcing own branded products from us.”

Intastop’s antibacterial impact protection sheet provides the perfect solution for unsightly or damaged walls, doors and assists infection control within hospitaks, combating the spread of harmful bacteria such as C-difficile, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and E-coli. This particular sheet works by an added biocidally proactive ingredient, Hygienilac, which prevents bacteria and other microbes assessing nutrients and therefore disabling their growth. The added ingredient permeates the entire 2mm sheet so that if the surface is scratched it continues to provide protection.

It has low water solubility and completely UV stable which ensures its effectiveness for many years, it has passed BS 6250 tests for severe usage and its proactive ingredient has  gained approvals from renowned bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Health and Safety Executive and the Food and Drug Administration.

In additions, all types of sheet from Intastop are class ‘O’ fire rated; tested to BS47: part 6 & 7 ad can be totally bespoke. By its nature the product range is safe and durable and can be made to fit any decorative requirements. It is available as smooth or textured and can be digitally printed, it can be ordered cut to size, shape or simply and easily cut on size.

“We understand the needs of our customers across a range of sectors and as the leading innovator in the industry for the protection of doors and places, we are in a great position to support all their immediate and future requirements. We have the product, technology and knowhow to support healthcare facilities, in particular, and as such already have a range of antibacterial based products including PVC Door Edge Guards, Rigid Frame Guards and Post Formed doors”, concluded Steve.

Intastop has been manufacturing and supplying products to the healthcare and public sectors for over 20 years. It has earned a reputation of being a quality supplier with particular expertise in the protection of doors. From supplying PVC and aluminium edge and face protection to offering a fully post formed solution to the joinery and door manufacturing industry it success is supplemented by a new post forming production line as well as the largest stock holding of antibacterial sheet in an extensive and industry standard colour rage with other colours available on request.