Product Used

Soft Touch PVC Corner Guard & Antibacterial Impact Protection Sheet


Bawtry Mayflower Primary School, Yorkshire

The Project Brief

Bawtry Mayflower Primary School were experiencing a considerable amount of damage to the corners of its interior walls from everyday wear and tear. it therefore needed to find an effective way of protecting both pupils and the fabric of its building whilst retaining much of its existing colour scheme and minimising the need for on-going maintenance work.

The Solution

Intastop’s Soft Touch PVC Corner Guard was selected for the project as it offered durable protection to exposed corners, was quick and easy to install and would minimise the need for expensive and frequent repairs. This is all made possible by a unique manufacturing process that ensures the antibacterial additive penetrates the entire product rather than just the outer layer to leave a tough, long lasting finish.

But as tough as it is, the Corner Guard is softer to touch when compared to the harshness of exposed plaster or wooden corners, which is especially reassuring to know in areas where small or vulnerable people come into contact with it.