After reviewing their risk assessment at Opus-UK Ltd in preparation for a staged ‘Return to Work’ post COVID 19, it was identified that their was the need for versatile, desktop cough guard / partition in the workplace.

IntaScreen is a new innovative cough guard / desk partition from Intastop.  Opus currently work with Intastop and commented they were aware of Intastop’s reputation for quality.  After speaking with Phil Barsby, (Business Development Director at Intastop) regarding their requirements, Tony Merryweather, Director OPUS-UK Ltd said  “We were confident a product could be manufactured to meet our needs. Working with Intastop, we established the design requirements and then worked within a 14 day timescale to ensure the office was as safe as could be for the returning staff.” Intastop and Opus discussed the measurements, both contributing to the design stage.