• I-Gienic Smooth Impact Protection SheetI-Gienic Smooth Impact Protection Sheet (Hygienic)
  • Colours requested: Dolphin Grey and White
  • Stainless Steel Sheet
  • Corner Guard Protection (adhesive backed and aluminium backed)


Rosemont Pharmaceuticals


To enhance the wall protection within a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility which was showing signs of wear and tear especially at the bottom of the walls where impact damage was prevalent. A requirement of the wall protection was that it was hygienic, could be easily cleaned and create a consistent aesthetic throughout.


Rosemont Pharmaceuticals has had expansions over many years which has resulted in varying shades of white across the facility. Where different shades were an issue, the client chose Intastop’s White I-Gienic Smooth Impact Protection Sheet that offers a smooth hygienic finish that is easily cleaned, meets EC Hygiene requirements and is durable whilst being non-porous.

For the lower half of the walls throughout the majority of the facility, the client chose Dolphin Grey I-Gienic Smooth Impact Protection for the wall and corner protection which created a clean and neat aesthetic. The increasing production schedule meant the panels needed to be installed in stages during planned maintenance shutdowns. The wash bays were showing considerable wear and tear with damaged paintwork, damaged panels and floor covings and now with the new I-Gienic Smooth Impact Protection Sheet and repaired floor coves, these bays have been restored to their original and bright appearance.  The first stage is now complete. Angus Donald, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals said “it has greatly improved the appearance of each area bringing a consistency throughout. The quality of the installed product, range of colours, trim and impact protection options are all excellent” and that he “would certainly recommend Intastop to others and look forward to working with them to complete the current project”