The significance of maintaining high safety standards in any public or private building, such as, hospitals, schools, hotels, and leisure facilities to name a few cannot be overstated. And one crucial element of building safety lies in the proper installation and maintenance of fire doors.

As we have been specialising in door, people and places protection solutions for over 30 years, we understand the importance of fire doors and have taken significant steps to support our customers to achieve the required standards. Will Mackie, our Installation Manager and an experienced carpenter, has recently completed the required training and has gained the Q Mark qualification to inspect, install and sign off fire doors to the standards required.

Will explains further…

The Importance of Installation

Installing fire doors correctly is paramount to ensuring the safety of building occupants. Poorly fitted doors can compromise the integrity of fire safety systems and procedures, allowing smoke and fire to spread rapidly. One common area of concern is the Fire Stopping between the door frame and wall, behind the architrave. In addition, and much more visible is the Door Gap, the area between the door edge and frame, if these are not adequately sealed and maintained within permitted parameters, they can provide a pathway for smoke and flames to permeate, endangering lives and causing extensive property damage.


The Role of Maintenance and Inspections

To maintain optimal safety standards, regular maintenance and inspections of fire doors is imperative.  Our inspections will assess the maintenance standards and installations of all fire doors.  Our team are here to support your fire door surveying needs whether that’s for one or more, there is no minimal requirement. Should any discrepancies be found, whether through fitting or usage, they could potentially jeopardise the building’s safety record and overall integrity. So, by ensuring a survey is conducted and included within an annual maintenance programme, building owners and facility teams can rest assured they are providing a safe environment.


The Significance of the bmtrada Q Mark

The attainment of the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Installation certification is a significant achievement for Intastop. The Q Mark is a prestigious accreditation, recognised as a symbol of quality and compliance with stringent standards. Our commitment to gaining this certification highlights our dedication to providing our customers with the high-level, knowledgeable service they have come to rely on from Intastop.  By holding the BM Trada Q mark, we can support our customers to ensure their fire doors meet the highest industry standards, giving them confidence in their buildings and peace of mind for building users.


Comprehensive Door Solutions

This Q Mark certification also supports our vision of creating safer environments and protecting doors, people and places.  We are pleased that we have a range of fire-tested products that contribute to this vision of safety. These include door edge guards, door protection sheet and hinges, all play a crucial role in safety along with preventing costly maintenance bills. Door edge guards protect vulnerable door edges and prolonging the lifespan of the doors. Cladding materials enhance fire resistance, whilst protecting the doors integrity against impact and high traffic damage. Additionally, robust hinges ensure the longevity and reliability of fire doors, promoting safety and reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.