Healthcare Facilities EXPO


After this webinar you’ll never walk down a corridor again and look at it in the same way!


We are leading experts in solutions for protecting people, places and doors and our experts are going to take you on a journey (not very far, just down the corridor) to discover what the future of your healthcare facility could look like, how it can help protect itself and building users alike, plus, what it will cost!

You can actually make the fabric of a building work in your favour, so before you put annual maintenance costs in your budget for doors and walls, join us to find out how these costs can be stripped out for years to come.


Our experts will cover topics that start protecting the building, visitors, patients and staff from the moment that door opens onto our future corridor.  They will take you through what solutions are available to protect your doors without compromising on its integrity, standards or safety.  They’ll also look at your walls, what options there are to blend with your current colour scheme or create a stand out feature wall which can be used to evoke a sense of fun or clam either way, a picture can tell a thousand words!  All this whilst discussing the opportunity to provide exceptional hygiene standards with anti-bacterial solutions.


As we travel along our future corridor, we’ll also discuss safety options in the form of corner guards and handrails of which can also take into consideration anti-ligature requirements.


This is not a long future corridor, which roughly translated means it’s not a time consuming Webinar.  In fact this could be the most informative 15 minutes you’ve had in a while…just 15 minutes spent engaging with our experts now could provide years of cost savings for your healthcare facility.


Sign up today!  We’re venturing down our future corridor on Thursday 12th November.  Please select when you would like to join us on this journey of discovery and we’ll be in touch with a convenient 15 minute time slot.


Here’s a quick overview of what the webinar with cover;

  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs 
  • Maintain the integrity of your Fire Doors
  • Increase hygiene of touch point surfaces using our Hygienic and antibacterial solutions
  • Protect your infrastructure without compromising on aesthetics
  • Create dynamic and interesting visuals whilst protecting your building