With the mandated Level 2 Building Information Model on public sector projects now imposed Intastop Ltd has seen a noticeable rise in the downloads of its BIM responsive data and has expanded its library with the inclusion of its revolutionary IVision vision panel and unique Door Top Alarm.

Level 2 BIM requires that all those involved with the construction of public sector projects are now collaboratively working with 3D models. At this stage it is not yet via a single shared model however, all design information should be shared via a common file format such as IFC or COBie, to enable an organisation to create an amalgamated BIM model and carry out necessary interrogative checks on it.

Marie Hanby, marketing manager Intastop Ltd commented: “BIM is a great tool that will enable all those involved in a project clearly understand every element of a building from initial design through to day-to-day performance.

“We are now pleased to be including two more products on the BIM library. Our IVision panel that provides greater than 95% vision when in the open position perfect for health or other construction projects where privacy and vision are equally desirable. Plus, our Door Top Alarm which provides mental health facilities with a reassurance against self harm from the tops of doors.”

These two products now join a raft of others from Intastop. BIM subscribers will also be able to specify Intastop Aluminium Door Edge Guards which are fire rated, PVC-u Door Edge Guards both fire rated and non fire rated dependent upon requirements, Impact Protection Sheet and Continuous Geared Hinges.

View Intastop on NBS BIM Library here.