Mental health is an area of key concern for our Trusts in the UK and an emphasis on reducing inpatient hangings has been top of the agenda for the last few years.

In fact the latest report by The University of Manchester showed how specific work over the last 20-30 years has reduced inpatient hangings from window handles and curtain rails to near zero, although this has now placed more emphasis on other sites such as door tops.


Previous solutions to address this has resulted in drastic changes to the door itself. A sloping cut was seen as the only fail safe option but this presents other issues such as reduced privacy and increased noise and odours.

This led our R&D team to develop the unique Intastop Door Top Alarm. This tamper proof system works by a discrete sensory pad being installed at the top of a standard door and should a weight be applied it will alert staff via a preferred method such as; an audible alarm, visible light, staff indicator panel or via a pager or main computer. The devise connects via the main power and is also compatible with most staff attack systems

If the top of the door is pressed the alarm will alert at the chosen programme delay setting which can be set from 5 to 30 seconds. The system is housed in an electronic box which can be placed in ceilings/lofts and connects to the mains power. It also incorporates a, hidden to patient, LED lighting system that shows the devise is working without the need to set off the alarm which assists during risk assessment period checks.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Michael Ibemesi Trust Patient Safety Lead RDaSH commented: “The door top alarm from Intastop prevents the possibility of suicide from door tops but does not compromise the integrity of the door in terms of fire safety, privacy and functionality. It has proved most helpful to our Mental Health Inpatient service and also to our staff in managing a patient’s risk of suicide and is a superb tool in supporting our patient safety policies”.


Because of the importance Trusts place on our unique Door Top Alarm we have devised a support service which provides a commissioning and planned preventative maintenance solution offering total peace of mind.

The plan offers an authorised commissioning sign off and annual preventative maintenance inspection including checks and testing with staff systems.

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