2021 has already been an exciting year for us. We made an announcement about our £200,000 investment that has allowed us to diversify and manufacture our own range of core products and take us into a new phase of the business.

Coupled with that we are also delighted to announce the launch of our new company values; a set of objectives that define the ethos behind the business and reflects its goals and vision. It’s a new way of working for everyone in the Intastop family and supports each role within the business.

Where we started

Established in 1992 we have been a proud family business and experts in protecting doors, people and places for almost thirty years.

Renowned for our outstanding levels of customer service and forward thinking innovative solutions, we have developed and patented pioneering products that have disrupted market sectors and brought tangible benefits to so many healthcare, education and mental health sector establishments and care providers.

In addition to superb product innovation, our people have always been at the very heart of the business and in 1993 we received Investors in People (IIP) accreditation something which we still have today. We are proud to be one of a small number of Silver certificate holders in the UK.

Our values

The Intastop of 2021 has greatly evolved from where we began, and with this in mind our new values have been created.

Six key values underpin our business activities and also integrate into the company vision.

  • Customer Focus – We will put the customer first, making sure our products and service is right for their needs and we will deliver on customers’ expectations on time and in full every time
  • Integrity – We will be honest, fair and respectful in all our transactions, activities and communications and work in a professional manner
  • Collaborate – We will work together with a shared vision to deliver our organisation’s and customers’ goals
  • Expertise – We will use our knowledge, experience and skill to deliver projects in time and in full every time
  • Empathy – We will support and consider each others goals and opinions to make better decisions and plans
  • Driven – We will never give up, striving to deliver all our aims and objectives by problem solving, pulling in the same direction and being solution led. We will do this with every stakeholder considered

These values ensure that we work closely with our stakeholders and innovate and develop products that deliver tangible results for those key sectors in their working environments. Furthermore, close engagement with our customer base ensures accurate product specification and installation that meets individual, business and legislative requirements.

These values integrate into our CSR goals to which highlight our integration into wider elements of the business operations including developing people, environment and recycling, local community engagement and charity events.

What the future holds

 As we near our 30 year anniversary the future remains exciting and these values will play an integral part in that.

Over the last five years we have delivered over 60% growth through innovation and product design to deliver support to major policies within the key sectors in which we operate. An example of this is a recent collaborative project with our American partners, Inpro, and a UK based mental health trust saw the creation of an anti-ligature handrail that met the highest and strictest building safety standards in the US.

Our company values will allow us to continue to deliver growth, success and innovation across health care, mental health, anti-ligature, education, care home and leisure sectors, whilst also developing, nurturing and expanding the Intastop family.