A popular PVC-u Door Edge Guard range from leading door protection specialists Intastop, who is credited with introducing the original aluminium door edge guard to the UK market and from which a highly-regarded business has been created, has been expanded, now offering even greater choice.

Celebrating 25 years, the company continues to protect doors, people and places in this specialised field and now has a 10mm PVC-u Door Edge Guard version added to its extensive range, the largest in the UK.

“We are a forward-thinking company who look to find innovative solutions and develop our product range to give specifiers, facilities managers and installers a greater depth of choice and resilience when carrying out refurbishment or new build projects,” said Sarah Barsby Marketing Director Intastop Ltd. “With that in mind the new 10mm version of one of our most popular products, and one for which we are renowned, will continue to show Intastop as a committed business whose ethos of protecting doors, people and places is at its very heart.”

The PVC 10mm Door Edge Guard is fitted with intumescent fire and smoke seals which are vandal-resistant yet easy to replace making all Intastop PVC-u Door Edge Guards ideal for maintaining fire integrity and door safety, an essential part of fire door safety maintenance in keeping people and buildings safe. It can be used on the front and back edges of fire resisting door sets. It has a fire rating of Class ‘O’, BS476 Parts 6 & 7 and is tested to EN13501-1:2010. Furthermore, it is impact and scratch resistant and contains anti-bacterial properties to help reduce infection in healthcare establishments.

“Ensuring the integrity of doors and fire doors in particular continues to be a high priority for all facility managers and building maintenance teams and with our busy and often heavy work loads, simplicity is the key to successful schemes to protect doors and building infrastructures,” said Sarah. “Coupled with our range of products to protect both doors and walls in healthcare establishments and those that use them we are proud of the diversity we offer to solve issues commonly experienced across a wide variety of industries and situations.”

The 10mm PVC-u Door Guard is available in a range of colours and finishes.