Newly built Melior Community Academy in Scunthorpe for 11 to 16 year olds was having trouble keeping up with the maintenance required on its walls. The frequency of re-painting was a concern for the site maintenance team in both time and cost so the Academy searched for a viable alternative.

Intastop Ltd, was chosen to deliver a range of wall and corner protection to help the Academy meet the demands of its high traffic areas.

“The time spent re-painting the corridors and walls within each of the four blocks was becoming a concern. Yet we could not leave unsightly marks or even damage unattended to,” said Dave Newton, site manager of the Academy. “We opted for a sheet protection product and searched for reputable manufacturers. We chose Intastop because of the quality of their product and their range of colours to choose from.”

The £18m school opened its doors in 2011 and is made up of four blocks connected via a web of corridors. The initial building design had incorporated several internal wall colours which are pertinent to the area, subject and children using it. To ensure this scheme was adhered to the team at Melior Academy chose a neutral grey tone that blended with all colours within the original design.

Dave continued: “We went with the grey wall protection as it perfectly complemented all the colour schemes we have within the school. We also opted for matching corners which we split into two categories, heavy traffic zones whereby the heavy duty option was chosen and a more standard spec for the lighter traffic areas, both of which perfectly matched the wall protection colour which ensures we have consistent clean lines that adhere to the original aesthetics.

“We were really pleased with the service offered by Intastop. They even gave us the colour code to match some paint for a curved staircase which the impact protection sheet was unfortunately unsuitable for.”

Impact protection sheet from Intastop Ltd provides the perfect solution for unsightly or damaged walls and doors. It benefits from being highly impact resistant, class ‘O’ fire rated; tested to BS476 parts 6 and 7 and can be totally bespoke. By its nature the product is safe and durable and can be made to fit any decorative requirements. It is available as smooth or textured and can be digitally printed, it can be ordered cut to size, shape or simply and easily cut on site. The product is through coloured and has built in Hygienilac anti-bacterial protection throughout the profile, so that even if it is scratched, it will still provide protection against harmful bacteria.

In addition, Intastop Ltd offers corner guard which are available in a range of matching colours. Corners are one of the most vulnerable areas of a building and, if damaged, can harbour dirt and bacteria, which may be difficult to clean. Intastop’s Soft PVC Variable Corners are a surface mounted profile, designed to provide a medium duty corner protection solution and is flexible enough to form irregular angle corners.

Marie Hanby, marketing manager at Intastop commented: “It is important for any public building to ensure minimal damage of its walls and to keep its aesthetics in line. Which, Dave and his team at Melior Academy found to be a costly and time consuming job. Impact protection sheet is perfect for this type of application. It’s easy to install, can be made to customer’s specifications and colour requirements and is long lasting.”