As our communal buildings go through re-opening phases and re-establish ways of operating to offer essential services to our communities, the wear and tear on our buildings will become even more evident with the necessary social distancing measures that are currently taking place.  And walls are taking a hit!


With visitors to buildings having to stay the requisite 2m apart, or 1m+ if 2m if not possible, it has already been found that walls within buildings are taking even more impact than normal as people endeavour to maintain those distances wherever possible.


Whilst some places, such as primary schools are trying to limit the amount of movement of pupils taking place, others public and private buildings such as secondary schools and hospitals and are naturally seeing an increased amount of wear and tear.


This damage to the internal fabric of our buildings is primarily due to people standing further apart, moving past each in corridors whilst staying close to walls.  It will inevitably necessitate an increase in repairs and repaints which can bring added costs and inconvenience as to when these running repairs can take place.


Maintenance schedule friendly

Our range of wall protection sheet can eradicate the need for a R&M schedule where walls are concerned and can greatly reduce the costs, both financial and timewise. As well, the simple and straightforward installation of our wall protection products means that little disruption is caused to staff and visitors, and the everyday operations that take place within the building. If this wasn’t enough, investment in wall protection can pay dividends in terms of aesthetics, hygiene and cleaning too!


Added protection

It’s not just the walls and the R&M budget that are protected by installing our wall protection though.

Some of our products offer an anti-bacterial coating to aid with infection control policies and easy cleaning. Anti-bacterial Impact Protection Sheet inc. Hygienilac® provides an impact resistant surface to not only walls, but doors and cupboards too and kills 99.9% of bacteria for the lifespan of the product (up to ten years)

In addition, we offer our smooth I-Gienic range of hygienic impact protection sheet which offers a smooth impact resistant surface that is ideal for washrooms, laboratories and clinical and medical environments, food processing, healthcare and pharmaceutical environments too.

Both are durable and non-porous, and Class ‘O’ Fire Rated and tested to BS476 Parts 6 & 7 giving an added element of safety.


Creative and Colourful

The versatility of our wall protection sheets gives our customers the added flexibility of being able to integrate protection into their corporate colour scheme, or even add images and logos to personalise.


As a U.K distributor for Inpro IPC, we can supply wall protection that is visually unique and bespoke bringing any vision to reality. The Inpro IPC Aspex wall protection sheet provides protection to your walls whilst bringing imagery, patterns and photographic images to life! Aspex is a great addition to any reception area, children’s reading area or waiting room environment.


And let’s not underestimate the influence that colour has on designs in our workplace, leisure, healthcare and study environments. A recent study highlighted the impacts that colour can have on mental wellbeing and how the positive aspects of this can be reaped with a little careful choice and design – we’ve also written a blog on this too.


With a wide variety of ways to protect your walls could an investment in the internal fabric of your building be cost, damage and hygiene effective?  Certainly, is food for thought…


Further information about our range of wall protection products can be found here