Here at Intastop, we like our customers to see and test our innovative products in action and understand how seamlessly our ranges can be integrated into maintenance plans, health and safety requirements and refurbishment and installation programmes.  We have therefore given our Training and Show Room a fresh new look and, installed some of our latest designs and products within.


Our superb training and show room facility at our headquarters in Doncaster has received many visitors since its inception and now, for a new decade we are  pleased to announce that we have installed some of our newer product ranges in realistic room settings and situations, giving greater understanding of where our products can greatly support the protection of people or places.


New Products In Situ

New additions include our latest Secura Glaze and Secura Vision door panels designed specifically to support the mental health sector and,  a door set showcasing our Shrouded Double Swing Hinge paired with our Door Top Alarm system which is displayed in an aluminium and a wood effect finish.


We’re also proud to display our newest product range, Tubocolor.  Tubocolor is our warm-to-the-touch and robust grab rail range from Italian Manufacturer Ponte Giulio. The range offers exceptional anti-microbial properties for the life time of the product.   Which sits perfectly with our range of wall protection sheet which can be seen in situ throughout the centre showcasing its versisilty and whereby its full potential can be appreciated.


Training and Seminars

Complementing the show room is our training and conference facility where we hold our product training days and seminar events on a range of subjects from Fire Safety to Mental Health Doorset Solutions.   Some can be attended individually or the benefits of a bespoke training programme can be enjoyed and created for all our customer’s requirements.


Testing Products

We have also created a new product test rig area to support our ongoing development and product research and which has been built for specific Abuse Testing and, which can also be used by customers to their own exacting standards.


Commitment to Customers

Our bespoke solutions can deal with the many challenges encountered by building and facilities managers. Our range of products can be tailored to suit many elements of building interior specification in both new build projects and refurbishments. Our training facility and showroom is now perfectly equipped to showcase all that we do and offer.


To visit the showroom and training facility please contact your area representative or contact head office on 01302 364666.