SECURA Duo Alarm System (DAS)

Intastop's next generation of door alarm designed to alert health teams of potential ligature attempts at the bottom of doors

Designed to help reduce the risk of suicide at the bottom of doors.

  • Improves safety of patients

  • Enables immediate staff response

  • Tamper proof preventing false alarms

The Door Top Alarm (DTA) has been revolutionising patient safety in the mental health sector for over a decade, and now the team behind the technology has launched the Duo Alarm System designed to detect when pressure is applied to the top or bottom of the door and has a variable alarmed delay setting.

The Intastop Duo Alarm System (DAS)  is compatible with most staff attack systems and will alert staff via an audible alarm and staff indicator panel via the pager or main computer.

If the alarm bar is pressed nothing will happen until the programmed delay setting in the electronic box is activated. The Duo Alarm System is the latest innovation from Intastop designed to alert health teams of potential ligature attempts on the top and bottom of doorsets. It comprises of the Door Top Alarm and Door Bottom Alarm. LED lighting shows the Duo Alarm System working without setting the alarm off, helping with risk assessment period checks. The LED is not visible to patients. An inspection magnet is used to aid installation and carry our risk assessments.

The electronic box is housed in ceilings/lofts and connects to the mains power and staff attack system. Power transfer to the door goes via Intastop’s Electrical Transfer Hinge which ensures all cabling and electronics are concealed.

A commissioning and planned preventative maintenance programme is offered as an additional service.  Please contact our sales department for full details of what is included.


  • Programmed electronics box with delay setting options.
  • Connects to existing staff attack system.
  • Suitable for both single and double acting hinges.
  • Suitable for refurbishment and new build.


  • Helps reduce the risk of suicide at the bottom of doors.
  • Suitable for en-suite doors
  • Enables staff to respond immediately to attempted suicides and emergency situations.

Disclaimer: Please note that Intastop offers a range of measures designed to reduce the risk of self-harm or suicide, and does not offer any guarantee that it will not take place. The solutions have been designed as a deterrent only.

All products must be installed and maintained as per Intastop’s fitting instructions and/or the operation and maintenance manual. Operation and Maintenance Manual is available upon request. 


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Technical information



The Door Bottom Alarm works with the Door Top Alarm and Electrical Transfer Hinge

For reduced ligature in single swing applications it is recommended this is fitted in conjunction with the domed cap.

Door Core: Solid or Style & Rail core (exposed lipping not recommended).

Order codeDescriptionSize (mm)
DBA-AADoor Bottom Alarmup to 950mm
DTA-AADoor Top AlarmUp to 950mm
DTA-ECBDoor Top Alarm Electrical Control Boxn/a
DTA-MAGNETDoor Top Alarm Inspection Magnetn/a
COMMISSIONINGCommissioning of Door Top Alarm +1 year Planned Maintenancen/a

Colours and finishes



Standard finish is Satin Anodised Aluminium (SAA).
Powder Coated Finish.

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