In celebration of Women in Construction Week and this year’s ‘Many Paths, One Mission’ theme, we are delighted to introduce Marta Kaliszuk, a Production Operative at Intastop, who has been working in construction distribution, manufacturing and assembly for the past 15 years.


Marta, who is 35 years old, is passionate about outdoor pursuits and loves adventure. She is also a strong advocate for diversity in the workplace and encourages more women to consider a career in construction and related industries. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Marta’s experience and her undeniable passion for women working in traditionally male-dominated roles.

Marta’s Role at Intastop

Marta works as a Production Operative in the Vision Panel and Door Top Alarm department here at Intastop. Her job involves constructing key safe-guarding equipment including door alarm systems from components to completion.  The door top and bottom alarms are used in mental-health facilities to alert staff in the event of an emergency. Her work requires a lot of technical skill and expertise, including soldering and electrical modifications. Marta takes pride in her work, and she loves the fact that she is making a tangible contribution to the safety of patients and service users.

Marta’s Experience in Manufacturing and Construction

Marta has been working in the manufacturing and construction industry for 15 years. During this time, she has gained a lot of experience and developed many skills. Her work at Intastop has given her a deep understanding of the manufacturing products and solutions for the construction industry and the various roles available within it. She has also developed strong technical skills and a keen eye for detail, which are essential in her role.

Marta’s Thoughts Towards Diversity in the Workplace

Marta is a strong advocate for diversity in the workplace. She believes that diversity is essential for innovation and progress, and she encourages more women to consider a career in construction and associated industries. Marta believes that women have a lot to offer the construction industry, and she wants to see more women taking up roles in construction.

Marta’s Future Goals

Marta is a driven and diligent individual who has impressed all who collaborate with her. She is hoping to further develop her expertise and gain a qualification in engineering to add to the qualifications already gained through workplace learning in Management & Business and Team Leading. Marta’s dedication to her work and her desire to continue learning and growing as a professional are a testament to her passion for the construction and manufacturing industries.

Why Intastop Benefits From Women in Construction

Marta Kaliszuk is a shining example of the growing number of women who are taking up roles in construction and associated industries. Her passion for her work, her dedication to excellence, and her advocacy for diversity in the workplace are all qualities that make her an invaluable asset to Intastop. As more and more women assume roles within construction we can look forward to a brighter and more diverse future for the industry.

A Note From our HR Director – Sarah Barsby

A diverse workforce brings together people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, offering more a creative, practical or strategic thinking team, something that all businesses should strive for.  We are delighted that Marta chose Intastop in which to continue her passion for working in production.  Marta initially started her career with us as on a temporary contract but it soon became evident that her expertise and enthusiasm  fitted in perfectly with her team and our company values and she has since been given a permanent position.